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Post Sales Support Overview Page

We are committed to providing industry leading power products and exceptional support for our customers. P.T.E. Production & Trading Enterprises AG's skilled and experienced staff, many of whom have been with the company for dozens of years, are here to support you.

As with the pre-sales process, we often find it best to open a conversation about support needs. We will work with you to quickly identify any issues and develop a plan of action which is tailored to your specific situation. 

To speak with us immediately, please call +41-41-740-4554, or use the form to the right to submit a question electronically.    

Support Documents:  All technical support material is subject to change without prior notice from the manufacturer.

M110 UPS Series:
M110BA-1 User Manual (in PDF format)
M110BA-2 User Manual (in PDF format)
M110BA Software Manual (in PDF format)
M110BA-1 Outline Dimensions (in PDF format)
M110BA-1 Selection Guide (in PDF format)
M110BA(-1 and -2) Battery Pack, Datasheet (PDF)

M120 UPS Series:
M120BA-1A User Manual (in PDF format)
M120BA Software Manual (in PDF format)
M120BA-1A M350172 Slide Outline Dwg. (in PDF format)
M120BA-1A Outline Dim. & Selection Guide (in PDF format)
M120BA-1A Battery Pack, Datasheet (PDF)

M130 UPS Series:
M130BA-1 User Manual (in PDF format)
M130BA Software Manual (in PDF format)
M130BA-1A Outline Dimensions (in PDF format)
M130BA-1A Selection Guide (in PDF format)

M140 UPS Series:
M140BA User Manual (in PDF format)
M140BA Software Manual (in PDF format)
M140BA-1 Outline Dimensions (in PDF format)
M140BA-1-2-2-5-1 Outline Dimensions (in PDF format)
M140 Special Option (PDF)

M359 UPS Series:
User Manual, including Data sheet (PDF)
UPS Data Sheet (PDF)
Software Manual (PDF)
M359 Outline Dimensions (PDF)
M359 Battery Pack, Datasheet (PDF)
M359 Special Option, M359-1-1-X, Limited Input Current (PDF)
M359 Special Option, M359-1-X-2, Modified RS-232 Command Set (PDF)
M359 Heat Dissipation (PDF)
M359-1, Rev C, 3-D STEP Model (ZIP)
Series Catalog Page (PDF)

SNMP Apps and Manuals
SNMP Agent User Manual (M359_SNen_UM)
SNMP CLI User’s Manual (M359_CLI_UM)
SNMP Console User Manual (M359_Console_UM)
PC Auto Shutdown Application User Manual (UPS_AS_UM)
UPS Auto Shutdown-1.1.0.exe

SNMP Agent Firmware
UPS M359 Firmware Upgrade Procedure (M359_FUP_1)
UpsSwUpdater v02_02_16.exe
SNMP Agent Firmware Release Notes (M359_agent_FRN)

UPS M359 Firmware Upgrade Procedure for v2.01.03 (M359_FUP_2)

M362 UPS Series:
M362-4 and -9 User Manual (PDF)
UPS Data Sheet (PDF)
M362 Outline Dimensions (PDF)
M333 Battery Pack Outline Dimensions (PDF)
M333-4 External Battery Pack (in PDF format)

UPS Accessories:
Battery Charger-Tester (in PDF format)

UPS SNMPv1/v2 software Package (Server/Client):
SNMP Agent User's Manual (EmbedUPS-Manual)

UPS Monitor Manual
UPS SNMP Software - Server
UPS SNMP Software - Client

UPS Battery Pack MSDS Information:
Batteries Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS PDF) for the following Battery Packs/UPS: M357380/M110BA-1, M359380/M359-1, M333/M362.

Batteries Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS PDF) for the following Battery Packs/UPS: M350380/M120BA-1, M356380/M130BA-1 and M140BA-1.

M168 Power Supply - RFI Data:
M168 MIL-STD-461D Data (in PDF format)

M183-2 Power Supply - EMI Data:
M183-2 MIL-STD-461D CE101, CE102 Data (in PDF format)

M786 Power Supply - EMI / RFI Data:
M786 MIL-STD-461C & D Data (in PDF format)

M8647 Enhanced Vibration Test Results
M8647-38 & M8647-40 Enhanced Vibration Test Results (in PDF format)

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